FREE “Business Breakthrough” Coaching Session

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

So, you have successfully started your own company, proven to your friends, family and the bank that it is a viable business, won some loyal and happy customers or clients and maybe even started to make a small profit.

Congratulations! (It is said that most new businesses fail within the first few years, so yours is already a success story.)

What’s next? Do you want to:

(a) stay small with a lifestyle business that gives you modest lifestyle and the freedom that comes from working for yourself, or

(b) keep growing your business, expanding into new markets and territories, increasing sales and profits and building a business that you can sell in the future?

If you chose option (b) then you will need to transition your business from the startup phase, in which most major business functions are performed by you, or small team around you, into Scale Up mode.

This means implementing new systems to make your business operations more efficient and reliable, finding new marketing and distribution channels to boost sales and exploiting all of the growth opportunities within your business.

And yes: scaling up your business will require you to change your mindset and transition from being a hands-on entrepreneur to CEO, providing strategic leadership and empowering your teams to achieve success.

It’s time to ask for help.

Have you been thinking about how to improve you business for a while, but haven’t found the time to put a solid plan into action?

We get it. There are never enough hours in the day! Whether you’re a new start up or a well-established business, developing your company’s future always seems to take a back seat to your day-to-day responsibilities.

We understand how good it feels to have someone in your corner, with your best interests at heart, not just for today, but also for the long-term. We understand how valuable an outside perspective can be to help you to navigate the changing tides of your market, making sure that you feel secure and excited about the future of your business.

Sometimes the most powerful opportunities are sitting in your blind spot. Sometimes the most revolutionary changes you can make are the smallest ones. A coaching session with someone with an outside perspective can make sure that future you’ve been dreaming about becomes your reality, today.

We’ve seen the difference it can make when you have someone to point you in the right direction. We’ve worked with some of the largest organisations in the world as well as with brand new start-ups. We’ve seen the powerful tools that work again and again to create influential and effective business success.

We will design a unique approach to help you unlock the full capabilities of your business, whether that’s through serving more customers, delivering greater value or growing your reputation.


In just one, high-impact coaching session with an experienced business growth expert, you’ll come away with:

  • A crystal clear vision of success for your business and your life.
  • An awareness of your hidden challenges.
  • A step by step plan to overcome those challenges.
  • A way to move forward in the areas which hold the greatest potential.
  • Ideas for development over the next 12 months.
  • Ways to make ‘quick wins’ that’ll make you more cash in the next 90 days.
  • A renewed energy to turn your business into a highly profitable, revenue-generating machine that practically runs itself.



Russell’s ability to listen, understand and provide an honest independent opinion is fantastic. I came away from the meeting with more than one new idea that I hadn’t considered in detail previously and for me that made our meeting incredibly valuable.

I would certainly recommend taking an hour out to talk to Russell.”

Ryan Lisk, Director, Hybrid Legal

“If you are struggling to see the future Russell is like an eye surgeon. His laser like intuition and question asking skills have helped me to develop a much clearer picture of where we want to go and how we are going to get there.

You could do no better than investing an hour with this guy.”

Ian Skinner, MD, The Diverse Cleaning Co.

“Russell is an inspiring business mentor with an aptitude for understanding clients which makes him stand out from other mentors. His matter of fact approach encourages you to think things through and develop new strategies.

My business has benefited immensely from our time together.”

Robert Briggs, Crimson Crab

FREE “Business Breakthrough” Coaching Session

The businesses that succeed are the ones that have a clear vision – and also detailed plans of how to achieve that vision. During this strategy session, we’ll discuss where you want to be in one year’s time and what you need to do to achieve this vision. We’ll explore what drives you in business and find out what might be holding you back from realising your dreams. By the end of the session you’ll be energised and motivated to succeed.

The strategies and ideas that I’ll be discussing are being used by successful companies of all different sizes every day. They work. You just need to work out how apply them to your own situation.

But beware, I will be asking difficult questions, ones that you may have been avoiding up to this point. You must come with an open mind and a willingness to be frank and honest. If you are comfortable where you are, and want to stay there, this session is not for you.

We can meet in person or over Skype. To book your Business Breakthrough Coaching call, please complete the form on the right.