Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson celebrates his 66th birthday on July 18th. One of the UKs most high profile citizens, he has had an extremely interesting life to date, both professionally and personally. Having left school at 16 years of age, his initial success came from a magazine he founded called Student Magazine. From there he eventually expanded into Virgin Records where he attracted global musical talent.

While all was not smooth sailing for the entrepreneur after Virgin Records had to be sold in the early 90s due to losses, he staged a comeback and added many more brands to the Virgin Group. Today he is worth £3.8 billion pounds according to Forbes latest estimates. In his personal life he has set numerous records. These include his record-breaking Atlantic crossing in the Virgin Atlantic Challenger II boat in 1986 and the first crossing by hot-air balloon of the Atlantic in 1987 and the Pacific in 1991.

To read more about the mogul’s professional and personal life, view this infographic created by Frame Your TV.